Gold Level Business Plan
Specialized for Venture Capital and Institutional Investors.

Our Gold Level Business Plan is our highest level business plan writing service. This plan is tailored for Venture Capitalists  (VCs) and Institutional Investors. We are one of the few business plan writing companies whose writers are professional investment bankers and have the required expertise and experience to write these plans. This plan offers extensive business consulting and research. This plan  provides an in depth analysis of every part of your business and presents the information to the venture capitalist in a format that they are accustomed to seeing. We know exactly what they are looking for and what criteria they require  for these types of investments. Very few of our competitors have the expertise to provide a comprehensive plan at this level and those that do, usually price this service at twice or three times what we charge. We have had tremendous success with this level of plan in terms of getting financing.

This level of plan includes a separate stand-alone 4 page Executive/Deal Summary and Power Point Presentation upon request.

Last year alone we wrote Gold plans that asked for over $300 million in financing. Of those, over $220 million were funded and many have offers and are in negotiations with investors.

Time: 10-14 Days.
Expedited options available, call 1-877-622-7369 for more information.

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